Membership is $75 for regular members and $60 for full time students. Families pay normal rate for 1st member, additional members are 50% off. This entitles you to unlimited classes. Dues are paid at the first of each month. Please note there is no contract, joining fee or prepayment requirement.

There is a $10 mat fee for visiting aikidoka.

Eishin-ryu is an excellent adjunct study to Aikido and is the focus of the Iaido study group. Monthly dues for just the Eishin-Ryu study group are $35.

Anyone interested in becoming a member or learning more about Aikido are encouraged to view or join any of the Basic Technique classes. No appointment or notice is required but loose clothing, such as a gi (could be free) or sweats are recommended.

New students can take advantage of our promotional three-month introductory membership: Sign up for three months of instruction and we'll give you a free training uniform (gi) and white belt.

New students are paired with experienced students or instructors so the basics can be rapidly learnt. Students control the level of effort and force, this allows everyone to train at their own pace in a safe environment.

Students wear a Hakama after the first test. For testing requirements see the ASU Handbook.

All students are required to sign a basic Release Form the first time they work out.